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27 Jan 2015
MIGROS passes currency benefits to shoppers
Swiss retailer Migros has reduced prices for Eurozone imports in the light of the strong Swiss franc. It is passing on the currency benefits by lowering prices on diverse fruit & vegetable products by between 10-30%
27 Jan 2015
SYSTÈME U hopes for better after a quiet year 
The Independent Systeme U grouping of distributors has seen its growth slow in 2014, dragged down particularly by the price war and was disappointing, but nevertheless expects "a small improvement" for 2015...
27 Jan 2015
"Significant" staff cuts planned at TIM HORTONS HQ
Tim Hortons is set to lay off a “significant” number of employees of its head and regional offices next week, according to sources. The layoffs, anticipated to some degree since Burger King finalized...
27 Jan 2015
SORIANA to convert acquired COMERCIAL MEXICANA stores
The nearly 160 stores that buy Soriana to Comercial Mexicana will be converted to different formats that have the firm based in Torreón from 2016, said familar sources with the operation, who requested anonymity because the,,,
27 Jan 2015
ALIBABA Yahoo relationship back in the spotlight
Media have been focused these last two days on reports of a new mega purchase by Alibaba in the insurance space, but another report centres on a far more intriguing possible deal involving the e-commerce giant’s long relationship with faded US search giant Yahoo...